Tips, Help and advice

A few tips that will help maintain a healthy plumbing system and some advice that could get you out of deep trouble in the event of a leak or flood...


  • It's no surprise that when you come to shut your stopcock off in an emergency its seized, try putting a note in your calendar or phone to remind you to turn your water supply stopcock off and on again every 6 months, this keeps everything moving freely. After turning it fully back on, turn it clockwise half a turn. Do this process every 6 months and it will keep it free from scale and most importantly WORKING. Same goes for all your valves throughout your property. Another option would be to install a sure stop device. These are not affected by scale and they allow you to shut the water off at the flick of a switch, get in touch for more info.



  • If you have a tank in the loft, make sure that it has a lid and is insulated, check to see if the water inside is clean, free of scale and contaminates, this water the runs to your bathroom and your using it to brush your teeth. The water tank needs to be clean (if your tank is dirty please get in touch and we'll let you know your options).



  • If you have a water meter fitted and want to stop wasting costly water, you can ask Thames Water for free water saving gadgets. Try filling up a 1litre juice carton with water and place it in your toilet cistern, this will save a litre of water every flush.



  • If your radiators are cold at the top and hot at the bottom this means you have air in the radiator. Insert your bleed key and open the bleed valve until you can hear the air escaping (do not take the screw completely out). Once the water starts to flow from the valve, turn off and move on to the next radiator (keep a cloth under the valve and key to prevent the water dropping onto the carpet). If your radiators are hot at the top and cold at the bottom this means your system is full of sludge/magnetite and will need a flushing. Either of these issues needs to be dealt with asap, If you don't then your heating system will use a great deal more energy to heat your home costing a hell of a lot more £££s in energy usage.

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