Scale Destroyers

The build-up of limescale in your home’s plumbing and heating system can not only impact the performance and shorten the life of your boilers, showers, pumps and other appliances and cause costly repairs, but it can also affect the quality of the water that you drink and use every day.


It's not only inconvenient to live with hard water problems, it's also more expensive. British Water claims that '1.6mm of scale in heating systems causes a 12% loss in heat transfer from the energy source (gas, electricity) to water, ie in heating efficiency.'

Imagine the impact of this on your energy bills.

This is a hidden cost which many homeowners don't realise they are paying. By restoring the effectiveness of your system, you could save up to £100 a year just off your energy bills.

SESI Inline Limescale Control Device
local plumbing service. Limescale Prevention device, Limescale Prevention device, Limescale Prevention device, Limescale Prevention device, supplied and fitted by local Plumbing engineers at PlumbLife

Benefit from whole house protection against limescale with SESI. The unit is an electrolytic device which is fitted on the incoming water main, offering protection for an entire property. The device can be used to protect both domestic and commercial properties, as it is available in a number of sizes.


  1. level of protection - can be installed to protect an entire property or a single appliance, as required.

  2. life of the device - approximately 10 years.

  3. no maintenance required after installation.

  4. no pollutants released into the system.

  5. low initial and ongoing costs.

  6. easy installation.

Hydroflow Scale Control Device
local plumbing service. Limescale Prevention device, supplied and fitted by local Plumbing engineers at PlumbLife

The Hydroflow HS38 is the domestic model for the average two to four-bedroom sized home. Fitting one HS38 protects the boiler, pipes, pumps, and appliances from the problematic build-up of hard limescale and gradually reduces the existing limescale too. The HS38 fits around the pipe, is suitable for all types of pipe material, and works independently of flow rate. This model also protects light commercial appliances like solar hot water panels, ice making machines, and tea urns.

  • Prevents hard limescale encrustation

  • Reduces existing limescale over time

  • Easy to install, and retrofit

  • Very low running costs

  • Fits on pipe size up to 38mm outside diameter





Water softener
local plumbing service. Water Softner, supplied and fitted by local Plumbing engineers at PlumbLife

After a busy day imagine slipping into a hot inviting bath or an invigorating shower and feeling the aches of the day drift away as your body is caressed by the touch of irresistibly soft silky luxurious water.

Step relaxed and refreshed into an opulent soft fluffy robe and gently dry your shiny smooth hair and skin. This may sound like an expensive spa treatment but this luxurious lifestyle is easily achieved by one simple change in your home – the installation of a soft water system. Easily fitted you’ll soon start to feel the benefits.

Your domestic appliances will last much longer your kitchen and bathrooms will be easier to clean and amazingly your clothes will take on a newfound luxury and softness. Softened water uses less soap and detergents than hard water which is not only good news for the environment but the household budget too. Your heating system will also be given a new lease of life as over time softened water will help dissolve and wash away limescale that has accumulated over the years helping to restore its efficiency.



  1. Low water and salt usage = lower operating costs

  2. Sleek modern design = sits comfortably into most kitchen environments

  3. Developed for UK plumbing systems = trouble-free luxury water

  4. Advanced electronic control system = efficient operation

  5. Rotary valve = reliability

  6. Robust materials = durability

  7. Easy set up = simple operation

  8. All of these units are supplied with a drinking water filter and tap if needed

  9. Fits all plumbing system types

  10. 2 Year Labour & 5 Year Parts Warranty (Manufacturer)


local plumbing service. Limescale prevention Device, supplied and fitted by local Plumbing engineers at PlumbLife


The Descaler is a proven product that offers the following benefits:

  • It actually reduces existing limescale blocking your appliance.

  • Completely chemically free, no electricity and no salt.

  • Easy installation

  • You can fit and forget the Limetron as the Fluid Dynamics solution is completely maintenance free.

  • Treated water is totally safe to drink and no separate drinking water supply is required.

  • Environment friendly

  • No contaminated waste water.

  • Prevents scale build up in new systems and gradually removes scale accumulation in previously untreated systems.

  • No more hard scrubbing the shower glass.

  • As a water softener alternative, the Limetron will replace existing water softeners eliminating all associated running costs, salt carrying, water and damage to the environment.

  • Eliminate maintenance caused by limescale, extends lifespan and helps maintain the efficiency of heating systems and all water using appliances (domestic and commercial).

  • Reduces heating bills and carbon emissions

10 Year Warranty

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